Monday, April 28, 2008

Choices, Choices......

Exploration for "the Shop" continues.

We have looked at three spaces.

Space Number One is on the ground floor, a block away from "Gallery Row" (edited to add: though only a block away, the feeling of these two streets is very different - only one other upscale shop on the block) with a huge picture window. It has two rooms and is laid out in a way that would allow us to have a sales floor out front and a work area in the back where we could hold classes. However, there is a fair amount of work that will need to go into it before it is ready for us to move in. The rent is quite affordable.

Space Number Two (shown above) in on the corner of a busy intersection, on "Gallery Row" and is ready to move in. The rent is the same as Space Number One. However, the layout is a little clunky - two small rooms, a long hallway between the entrance and the rooms. AND it on the second floor with an attractive, but narrow stairway.

Space Number Three is on the ground floor of Space Number Two. On "Gallery Row", on the ground floor, and one large space instead of little rooms. Also ready for immediate move-in. The rent is twice as much as the second floor space.

Hmmmm. What would you do?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Retail Dreams

Yesterday some friends and I toured a tiny, little retail space in town.


It all came about very quickly. And nothing is set in action yet. We are still just gathering information.

What do you think?

Any advice?

Any readers out there with shop owning experience?

Going into business with partners?

Stay tuned for further developments.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh No!

Went to visit my brother in Philadelphia yesterday and I LEFT MY CAMERA THERE.
My mom goes out over the weekend, so she will bring it home for me.
5 days without my camera.
Whatever will I do?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing Two Makes a Movie

Lately, Thing Two has taken to setting up elaborate scenes with his blocks and toys and then telling stories as if he were making a movie. His latest is "filled with magic, entertain and Disney." Starring "Hunter Gravy, Serena Avenue, Bob Lincoln and Miranda Teapot." The "Baby Who Talks" is played by "Cheeky." And the "Girl Doing Yoga" (shown above) is played by "Mrs. Pottentail."