Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Big Changes at Etsy

Chris and Haim are leaving.
I think you would have to have been around Etsy since before V2 to really feel this. But wow.
I am thinking more and more about having my own site for my jewelry.
It seems like so much work. And Etsy is working fine for me right now.
But if Etsy underwent big changes, I would want to be prepared.

unprepared to think about all this right now.


maia (glassbeach) said...

What? They're leaving? Who will they set on fire when Etsy goes down? I'm an old-timer, too, and I feel this loss. I'm sure you'd do great with your own website...but it's so easy to keep an eye on you on Etsy!

Steph said...

There is an article in the Storque.

I could never drive traffic to a website the way I can drive Etsy buyers to my Etsy shop right now.

What would I do????

In a panic I went out and bought a bunch of domain names today.

msbelle said...

Well that goes to show how much I keep up with the Storque (and forums too). I had no clue. I wonder what their reasons are and what they are going to do???

I'm with you on not knowing what to do without Etsy. I'd love to have my own site too but can't afford one. I already bought my domain but it just points to me on Etsy. I've seen lots of people starting up their own sites and I'd sure love to be one of them. Hmmmm...makes one think.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I also was in the dark. I'm feeling this too. I have a website already & now wonder if I should start devoting more time to it?

LOL I need the blogs to keep up with ALL the news on Etsy, too!

maryeb said...

I'm fairly new to etsy so I'm not sure what this will mean.

Thanks for the update.

Eva said...

Etsy is the best for me too, but I`m also thinking about my own website. One does n`t heart another, yes?

Eva said...

LOL! I mean - "hurt" not "heart" :))