Thursday, June 21, 2007


So, I have never had slim ankles. Living in NYC as an intern with a daily food budget of $5, walking miles to the train in Hoboken, and miles across town to the theater I worked for, and more miles scouring the city for props, I lost so much weight I had the waistband of my pants rolled over three times. But still, chunky ankles. It has never occured to me to wear something that would call attention to this area of my body.

So, when Miss Fickle Media suggested I make anklets using richly colored pearls, my internal response was, "anklets? really? do people actually wear them?" But I think our Miss Fickle is a Marketing/Research and Development genious, so I gave it a shot. I wanted to combine pearls with czech glass, which was a knotting nightmare - all those different sized holes! The finished product also seemed too fragile to be worn on the ankle. I thought they would look beautiful wire wrapped, but that is very time consuming and would have required a price that I am not sure would have worked for a summer fun item. So I went with stringing on Softflex. I think they are very pretty and simple. I added two little dangling beads at the clasp for a little extra flirty-ness. I am not sure they really stand out in the sea of strung beads on Etsy, but I am trying out different ways of photographing them that I hope will make them "click-worthy."
So glad that Etsy makes it inexpensive to experiment!


.freckled.nest. said...

pretty pretty! i like the dangles :)

abbey753 said...

Absolutely Step, anklets are very popular especially at the beach . It so cute

eva said...

I would like to wear it if I were younger and flirtier :)I would like these in lighter colors though, but this is my personal problem ;)
Hope that your experiment has success!

Felicia said...

I'm of the thick ankles set myself :)


AncaNY said...

I think I will give it a try myself. Who knows. said...

I'm laughing. I am literally laughing.

Marketing Genius? Me? HeeHee!

Seriously, you made excellent anklets! I love the blue and adding the a/b glass was a brilliant idea!

Now - make 5 a day. :)

Steph said...
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Mikaela said...

So pretty!

PS: I found you through OLS - we're both in the Mid-Atlantic :)