Friday, June 15, 2007

One Small Change - Week Five

Look at this terrific shopping tote made just for me by Maia of the Etsy shop Glass Beach. It is upcycled from plastic shopping bags. She used a tutorial on the Etsy Lab's blog. I love the trees and the pink handles. Isn't she clever? It will be perfect for my potentially messy purchases at the Farmer's Market.
In other updates, I have had no problem giving up soda. This is very strange and I wonder what magic has occured, but I honestly have not craved it all week. And I have not really substituted anything - just water.
So, on to the new. Judging from my inability to keep up with my kitchen goal, I have decided to aim smaller on the cleaning front: make my bed every morning when I get out of it.


maia (glassbeach) said...

I'm so please you like the bag! It was fun to work with a completely new material!

Glad to hear the disavowal of Coke is going so well!


Tricia said...

Awesome bag!
I started drinking Nestea White Tea and raspberry (in cans) it is very yummy, but a tad sweet, probably too sugary still but it is nice for summer.

Felicia said...

Good for you for giving up soda! Love you new bag :)

Felicia said...


The tote, but giving up soda!

I am very proud of you even though you said it was easy.

That is just so cool to me.

sara.wears.skirts said...

this bag is so gorgeous! those things aren't very easy to make, she did a really nice job!