Friday, March 7, 2008

You Must Check This Out

I love it when bloggers post weekly installments for me to look forward to. I highly recommend littleputbooks' Etsy success tips, fluffyflowers' craft fair suggestions, stilettoheights' wickedly funny celebrity letters, or her sassy web comic.

But the most unique, wet-your-pants laughing , marvel-at-the-creativity, holy-cow-they-must-have-spent-a-lot-of-time-on-this, series of posts, is Jenn Marushka's "Lake Resort Nurse" recaps. Jenn and her husband Josh, a photographer, recap and deconstruct chapters from a cheesy romance novel. The recaps are accompanied by photos of action figures reenacting choice scenes from the book. This week she posted the last chapter and promises a wrap-up and contest for next week.

To read all the posts, click here and scroll down to the beginning.

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Felicia said...

What a great collection of links. Thanks so much for including mine :)