Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photo Help

Ahhhhh! I cannot decide.
The brown background/the white background?
The white is a pain in the (beep) to adjust, but might get me into more treasuries. But no matter what I do, I cannot get it white-white anyway. Does the brown make my work stand out? Or is it too dark?
Please share your thoughts, and if you have time and are so inclined, please share YOUR photo set-up details - lightbox? natural light? camera?
I hate my photos!


Beck said...

I like the top photo better, but the colours stand out better in the bottom.
So I do not know.

beakee said...

Um.. I can't really tell, are they the same bracelet? I like the bottom one better because the stones' colours pop. I used to have all my backgrounds white and stopped when I realised I was spending too much time in Photoshop... because it's so obvious on Etsy's pages if your white doesn't match their pure white. I feel that neutral non-white backgrounds tend to bring up the colours of the stones. Or maybe that's just the way my silly camera adjusts itself! I have a lightbox but gave up on it because I haven't got sufficient lighting. I take photos in natural daylight now. But I may have to re-look the lightbox setup now that we're getting more and more grey days...

msbelle said...

I am drawn to the white one more. It appeals to me. But it really is a pain in the wazoo to try to get them pure white. Like beakee said, it takes a lot of work, and it ain't happening here! I have tried white backgrounds, dark backgrounds, neutral backgrounds, light tent, natural daylight, etc., and I just decided that if it looks good to me then that's it, I'll go with that. Sometimes I use my tent and sometimes not. I like my tent in natural daylight and get a pretty good result. I do use a short tripod light when I shoot pics at night. I'm all about experimentation and I'm certainly not a pro by any means. I like your top one the best, but your signature is the neutral. Gees, I'd go with whichever one is easiest! I fight enough with my pics to have to Photoshop the white (which I've done and it's a pain)!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think I also prefer the white photo even though we all struggle to get the perfect white. And then everything looks different on each monitor.

I use a light box that I made out of white foam core board. Most of the time I use a macro setting, with flash, and I have recently found that by adjusting the white balance to "sunny day" I get the result that I want. Or else it is just dumb luck!

Here's a photo I took as described above. How does it look to you?

Steph said...

Thanks everyone! Maybe a new camera would help. The color is truer on the brown, strangely. Still not sure what to do.

Crafty - that looks good!

Tracey said...

Hi Steph,

I think the top photo looks lovely. I like how the colors of the gems reflect on the white.

I usually always use the 'available light' setting on my Olympus. Never a flash. *Also* - there is a camera setting for 'vivid' (usually under the menu with the sepia and black and white).

Lastly, I use the free Picasa (through Google) photo editing software. Really, really user friendly. You can adjust fill light, color, everything. Lots of fun.

stilettoheights said...

I hate to say it but I like the top one better....but maybe try something like a printed (but not loud) piece of paper to photo your work on, or an open book...

zellmer said...

The brown background looks more natural to me. The white background looks a little too staged. If brown is easier, go for it. The colors pop on each one equally, I think.

eva said...

I like both too :)
I have here a link for tutorial "how to make a lightbox". Hope it helps.
I myself use natural light, but as you maybe remember from one of my photos, I practically live in a light box :) said...

I was really surprised to hear you say the photo with the brown background was more true.
I thought the photo with white was!

What would your high end, collectors market be drawn to?

The photo on white is more professional, crisp, artiste, gallery like.

I use scrapbook paper (that I later use in my art journals), the kitchen table, and natural light.

If the light is not right, I do not take pictures that day - I prepare shipping supplies instead :)

VintageWonder said...

They both look great! I say pick the background that is the most contrasting to your project, check out the "How To" section of this website, for more hints.
Have a great day!