Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happiness Swap

I just received these fantastic goodies from Liz Elayne as part of Karen Beth's Happiness Swap.
A wonderful tote from Liz's Maude series, filled with sweet, happy, little goodies: an idea journal, a pencil, lip gloss, gum, a beautiful handkerchief, a lemon scrub bar, and a collection of vintage buttons.
In addition to sweet bags, Liz is also the maker of wonderful flag sets inspired by Tibetan prayer flags.

Thanks Liz! I am so glad Karen Beth encouraged us to get to know one another - I love your blog and your Etsy shop.


Beck said...

Ah! That is the most fun! You lucky gal!

Pinks and Blues said...

That is awesome!! So jealous!! That bag is a great swag bag!!

- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Karen Beth said...

What wonderful goodies you got from Liz Elayne. Isn't she just the best?? I'm SO glad that you had fun. Thanks for posting what you got on your blog. :)

stilettoheights said...

fantastic!!!! You are a lucky woman, and now a happy woman

abbey753 said...

Wonderful, Goodies nice swap

Felicia said...

What beautiful new treasures. said...


I love seeing items from swaps!

Let me know about that lemon scrub.