Monday, September 24, 2007

Middle Name Game

MissFickleMedia tagged me for the middle name game.

My parents gave me the middle name, Janel. I had never seen it spelled this way by anyone else, until I got to college and met the person who would become one of my two best friends. She has the same middle name, spelled the same way. At graduation, people thought we made it up.

J - Jewelry is the obvious one here. I would like to add Joy, because I try to approach life joyfully.

A - Avid reader. It used to be that when the kids were entertaining themselves, I would sneak off to my room to read a book. Now I sneak off to stalk my Etsy shop and catch up on my blog reading. Blog reading is still reading, right?

N - Natural. Most days will find me with no make-up at all. If I am selling at market or going out in the evening, I add some lipstick and mascara.

E - (over)Educated. I am one of those women - I am sure the media has a slightly derogatory term for us - who acheived a Master's Degree just in time to stay at home with her kids. I will probably never use my degree. But I don't regret getting it, and I certainly don't regret chucking the teaching career to stay home with Thing One and Thing Two for a decade or so.

L - Love.

Feel free to tag yourself.....


Beck said...

Hey, fun list! I think if you lived near me, we would hang out all the time.

eva said...

Now I feel kinda sad that I don`t have middle name...... Your interpretation is beautiful!

Steph said...

Thanks, both of you!

So sad (but also very cool) that we are all in different countries.

Wouldn't it be fun to get together and have a big party with all the blog friends? (I know, I know, its called BlogHer.) But rather than a big convention, I am imagining more of a small gathering on someone's porch.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful sentiments! Your blog puts a peaceful smile on my face; I really enjoy it!

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

Well, let me try this again. My computer connection just blinked. Eeeek!

Your middle name is beautiful and this was such a fun tag. My middle name - as you know - is Beth but I don't think I will do the tag. Neat seeing yours though.

As you probably know from my blog post lately, I'm thinking about going back for my Master's. It would be so nice to have. Hmmmmmm...


Karen Beth :)

maia (glassbeach) said...

What a fun list! What is the history behind "Janel?" I'm an over-educated mom, too. In fact I was pregnant with my oldest when I got my master's diploma. I think we put these degrees to good use everyday with our kids.

stilettoheights said...

this is really cool, I will probably steal this idea for tomorrow.

xoxo said...

You are beautiful.
I just really, really like your thoughts.