Friday, October 19, 2007

The Beadmeister

I am going to share a bead source.

I buy beads from this company, not because they are the best beads in the business (msbelle, you will find nothing you need here), or the best prices (though, often I can find an excellent bargain), but because the catalogue never fails to make me giggle.

Willis (self-proclaimed "Beadmeister, Planet Earth") is the man behind South Pacific Wholesale (in Vermont) and has been selling beads since 1974. And when his product newsletters come, I read them from cover to cover, because I must not miss any of the wit and humor. Go ahead, laugh at me and my nerdiness, but please, admire my honesty.

Under a listing for African Turquoise: "You know this isn't turquoise, right?"

Under a listing for Cherry Quartz: "Quartz? Yes, if sand is quartz, and glass is sand..."

Discussing his upcoming bead shows: "There will be a line - please be patient or act like you are."

He is very knowledgable about stones and very honest about his products: "I am not pushing my fluorite with pride."

So if you are as much of a bead nerd as me, go check him out and have a little laugh, and maybe pick up a strand of african turquoise for me.


Jenn Maruska said...

I would be tempted to buy, just to support the humor : )

beakee said...

My favourite bits :D

"There are graphos and typos in this catalogue. Therefore, to protek myself from myself, all prices are subject to change without notice. Obvusly, if an item is listed at $4 per unit and it is ten units for $3, you've found yourself a typo. Some typos don't surface for years."

"Everything: $865,000.00
Includes free truck
Add to cart" said...

He is so funny!
I crave the presence of people with humor like that.
Maybe one day it will rub off on me...
Thanks for sharing!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

A breath of fresh air to visit that site! I especially liked the line "If you have any problems with this site, you can call 1-800-338-2162 and ask for Willis. We'll either help you or make it sound as though we have." Funny!

Thanks for sharing your source!

Katie said...

They are one of the first bead companies that I ordered from years ago. I still get sterling and gold-filled findings from them, especially when they're on sale. I just ordered a few today and no there wasn't a sale. I just needed a couple of things and I'd rather support them than one of the big companies.

Tracey said...

I'm not a bead nerd (yet), but knowing that I love your sense of humor I visited. I laughed. I chuckled. Totally worth supporting.

msbelle said...

Funny!! The guy's a nut!

tsegal said...

I just got an ad today and was telling my husband that I actually forward his ads to my pals...not because they want to buy beads....I thought I would google up the beadmeister and see who else is a fan. I saw your blog and would like to be added to the fan there a button or anything? Maybe a beaded emblem?

tsegal said...
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