Monday, October 29, 2007

The Little Nurse

I was sick with a fever and some tummy troubles on Friday and my darling children allowed me an entire day in bed. And no, amazingly, they were not watching TV all day. And I only sent them to seperate rooms once, due to a great amount of screaming at one another. I have no idea why they were screaming at one another, and even if I were feeling well, I would not have asked. I have no interest in being judge and jury - both of you are unhappy with one another? Off to your rooms you go. Don't bother telling me it was his fault. I do not care. Go calm down. This discipline method grew out of laziness on my part, but it works really well. After 15 minutes or so, I usually hear one or the other of them creeping down the hall to the other's room to apologize. Then I think maybe hugs are exchanged and she reads him a story. All I know is that they are quietly playing in the same place again.

But the stunning part of my day was when I was starting to feel a bit better and asked Thing One to bring me some crackers. Proudly she came with two saltines and a little napkin.

"I am only bringing two because, when I am sick, you bring me two crackers and tell me to eat them very slowly. Eat them slowly, Mommy."

Oh dear me! I thought, she is really paying close attention! To every little thing I do! Every little random choice I make! And, of course, I knew this - that I am her example of how to be a Mommy, a wife, a person. But I think maybe in the hustle and bustle of the everyday, I was not as conscious of it as I should be.

Am I living the way I want her to live? Am I valuing the things I want her to value? Is our home the kind of home I want her to conjur in her mind when she thinks of home?


Beck said...

Isn't that scary? But I'm sure you're doing a good job - and she sounds like a compassionate girl, so you MUST be doing it right.

Jenn Maruska said...

Beck is right - your daughter does sound compassionate and thoughtful. Sounds like you're doing a great job : )

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

That is so cute! Sounds like you are doing a great job if she and her brother voluntarily apologize to one another and if she is such a good little nursemaid. You should be proud of yourself!

xo... Karen Beth

learp17 said...

I know that exact feeling! Sometimes I hear my own exasperated voice come back at me when my daughter talks back to me and I realize how much she hears what I say and internalizes it. Like you, I worry that I am not living the way I want to teach her to live. It is hard! But then I see what a spectacular little person she is and I think I must be doing at least something right! And you are too!

eva said...

being a role model means raising :) Tough, but true.
And I think you should not worry about yourself in this position. She will have your principles but her own decisions.

msbelle said...

Awww. Sorry you were feeling bad. I'm sure you're a super conscientious mom. You're raising a very sweet and caring little girl. And the apologies are far more than my sister and I ever did!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hope you are feeling better now. All I can do is echo what everyone else has said....that I think you are a terrific mom!

It's such a warm & cozy feeling that things you do or say get thru, isn't it!

Tricia said...

AW, that is soooo sweet what your girl said! I have been sick for the past two days...UGH! My throat feels so bad, i need more ice cream!!!!
How you're better now!