Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yes, well, I am breaking that little promise below because I cannot watch American Idol and it is too late to tackle things like taxes or cleaning.
Thought maybe it is a good time to tell you a little about the Linkage Project. Linkage was started by one of my favorite Etsy sellers, lorimarsha. (If you have not seen her one of a kind clothing designs you are really missing something.) Linkage items are charms made from found/reclaimed/recycled items that can be attached to necklaces, keychains, zipper pulls, etc. Linkage is about making connections, reinforcing associations, striking memories. 10% of the sales of Linkage items are donated to the Alzheimers Association. This cause is very close to my heart, as I lost one grandmother to this disease and am currently watching the other slide slowly into an increasingly confused/disconnected state. I hope the Linkage Project will bring some attention to the importance of Alzheimers research.


Tricia said...

I too have a relative with Alzheimers, and he sometimes forgets my name, puts the sour cream in the cupboard instead of the fridge.
What a great thing you're doing with the donations!

Steph said...

Thank you!