Saturday, March 31, 2007

Morning At the Bead Show

I spent the morning at a bead show. Exhausting, but very fun! I am finding that certain stones are becoming harder and harder to find affordably. Makes me think it is time to switch to glass. Didn't even buy any citrine, it was so crazy expensive.

But......look what I did get! Pretty, pretty, pretty. I am envisioning lots of chunky bracelets in my shop this Spring!

The pendants are created by Natalie Gillihan. I cannot wait to use them as the focal pieces for some wire-wrapped necklaces. Do you think I could talk her into opening a shop on Etsy?


Steph said...

Silly me for not doing my research! She does have a shop in Etsy!

Natalie's Shop

Tricia said...

such pretty colored beads, i love beads too! i just started making keychains and purse charms with beads and gemstones..such fun!
oh, and about patriciasart shop, i convoed her to ask about her new shops' name - will get back to you when i hear back.

Katie said...

I was going to ask about the pendants. Now I see the link. They are beautiful! And of course, so are the beads, but us beadfreaks already know that.

julie collings said...

gorgeous pendants! you should arrange those beautiful beads in strands along a lovely tray on your desk, just to gaze at them.