Monday, March 26, 2007

Sorry, Mom, I'm Keeping It

I bought this beautiful mixed media painting by Jennifer Gordon from her Etsy shop, stilettoheights. I was planning to give it to my Mom for her birthday, but it looks so great in my newly organized (yes, you read that correctly) studio. I think I will keep it as a little reward for all my hard work!


eva said...

I think it`s wonderful piece and why not keeping it? Your Mom will be happy for you and you will find a perfect gift for her too. Etsy is enormous and full of beautiful stuff!

And thank You for adding me to your blog list! I´m flattered!:) Now I have to update it and keep it alive.

PS I have`nt seen the movie yet, but it`s on my list. Trailer looks promising (as for visual delight).

PPS What is PTO?

Steph said...

PTO stands for Parent/Teacher Organization. But it is really a parent organization. And while I have met some wonderful friends through PTO projects, I find one or two of the people I have to deal with nearly unbearable in their assertion that anyone who parents differently from them is bordering on negligent.

stilettoheights said...

Stephanie so you are so sweet and adorable!!!

I'm glad you like the piece.

your blog is great!