Monday, March 19, 2007

The World Traveler

With two small kids, I only travel in my dreams lately, but someday......

In the meantime, I have to be satisified with dispatches from my friend Josh who seems to be hopping a plane any time he has a couple free days. In 2006 he had several free months. He flew to Australia and came home slowly, hitting Fiji, parts of Asia, the Middle East and Europe. He kept a blog journal about the trip, and while it hasn't been updated since May, when he got home, the final entry is well worth checking out. In this entry he sums up the trip and describes some lasting impressions. Most compelling to read were his thoughts about being an American traveling in the world right now. If you have three minutes to spare, check it out. It is a valuable counterpoint to the view of the world that we get from the media.

Josh's Blog

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eva said...

Nice blog, and I will come back often. So you have two kids too:)...Its already a profession, don`t you think? Best regards to you!!