Monday, April 2, 2007

The Three Year Old Mind

Thing Two and I were sitting at the table this morning, enjoying one another's company. He was painting and I was drinking my coffee and trying to complete an acrostic.

"I have a lot of talents, you know, Mom: playing ball, drumming, painting, building stuff, AND playing 'chase the sister'."

And a little later:

"You're not a dumb Mom at all, Mom."

"Well, thanks, bud. But sometimes when you are angry, you call me 'Dumb Mom.' Why do you do that?"

"Well, Mom, because sometimes you are dumb."

Yes, we are still working on whole "respect" concept.


Tricia said...

Ha! kids say the darndest things, that is so funny...and here is the link for patriciasart:

MsBelle said...

That's funny! I guess sometimes we are ALL dumb moms!!