Wednesday, May 30, 2007

10 Summer Outings

The summer always gets away from me. We are buying Thing One a new backpack and I am wondering what happened to the summer I fantasized about in May. The summer full of jaunty outings and crafty activities as promised in "Family Fun" magazine. The summer of my childhood memories: playing in the sprinkler, eating ice cream sandwiches and reading in the hammock.

So I have made a couple of lists (I am so good at lists!) to help me pace myself.

Summer List Number One: Ten Outings

1. A local amusement park for ages 10 and under.
2. The King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia
3. The Philadelphia Zoo
4. Hiking (hopefully this will happen more than once!)
5. My Dad's cabin in Potter County
6. Cape May, NJ
7. Annapolis, MD
8. A free concert in Long's Park
9. Longwood Gardens
10. My brother's house to visit the cousins


Rachelle said...

What a brilliant idea! You are going to have SO much fun this summer!

msbelle said...

These all sound great!!

eva said...

I know exactly what you mean!
Me too, in April and May I wish to go swimming and to have a picnic etc. And when finally weather is perfect, I almost have to force myself to get out from home. Is it because dreams have to be fulfilled right away and not to be postponed?
I still think You are doing great with that list and everything!

Felicia said...

Now that looks like an excellent list!


jewelstreet said...

Great list. My daughter has her list all ready to go too.

Highly recommend the King Tut exhibit. It was fascinating especially the sarcophagus.

The zoo near Cape May is fabulous. K has gone every year for like the last 4 years and loves it. Plus, if you take the ferry, you can catch the bus to take you there. I love to just tour around Cape May myself.

gilfling said...

Oh that sounds like a fabulous list!!! You may get more than a few volunteers to tag along with you this summer! I too am a list maker - sometimes I wish I could be more spontaneous but time does run away from me and as long as I get to a few places - well it would be a few more because of the list making. You are going to have a wonderful summer.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sounds like you will have a great summer. I so want to go to the King Tut exhibit (Jewelstreet went already), but I don't think we'll have time this summer.

maia (glassbeach) said...

Oooh, making a list is such a good idea! We spend a lot of our summer saying, "What do you wanna do?"

Steph said...

maia - spontenaity is good too!

Karen Beth said...

I love lists! What a neat list you have made for your summer plans!