Friday, May 25, 2007

One Small Change: Week Two

Your Life is 40% Green

You're on the right track to living a green life, and you're definitely doing your part to help out.
You care about the earth, and hopefully this quiz has given you some ideas on how you can do more!

Well, I thought for sure I was doing better than that!

I have thought about using cloth bags for shopping, but here is the thing. We do not buy trash bags for our house. We use the grocery bags as our trash bags. So I think that kind of cancels out the fact that we do not use cloth bags. Although, I could use a cloth bag when I go to the farmer's market.

So, my new small change this week is to hunt down (hopefully on Etsy) and start using a cloth bag for market day.

And, I am sad to report that last week's change will have to carry into this week's change, because I only cleaned my kitchen one night out of seven. There are so many pathetic excuses for my slackness. Let's just say I am going to try better this week!


maia (glassbeach) said...

Another great change! I keep forgetting to take my market bag to the store and then I end up with another plastic bag!

I've been thinking of making a fused plastic bag shopping tote with the Etsy tutorial at EtsyLabs.

Steph said...

Ooh! Make one! I'd love to see it - maybe I should wait to buy something until you do, because I was just about to say that I wish you or Tricia (kookyhandbags) had something that would work.

Tricia said...

I should make shopping bags, i think that's an awesome idea!
Thanks for mentioning me!!
I have a Trader Joe bag that i use for the market. I love it!

Beck said...

I'm rather surprised to find out that I'm 84% green - but that's more because I'm cheap than because I'm ecologically-minded. Making your own shopping bags is a wonderful idea!
On the kitchen note - have you tried Fly Lady? The program - which is VERY irritating - DID get me into the habit of cleaning my kitchen every night.

Steph said...

Beck - you are the second person I like who has mentioned Fly Lady in response to my kitchen post. Guess I am going to have to check it out! said...

I just did this and got a little surprise.
I thought I would do better than 60%,
I have a ways to go before I start unplugging everything...
Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

I'll have to take the test and see what my results are. I noticed that there are several questions that I don't have an answer for and I'm sure that that will change the results~

msbelle said...

Wow, I have a ways to go too. Cloth bags are a great idea. I have taught Kevin to turn off the lights behind him, but I can't teach my husband that!

Christina said...

I just did this and it came up with 68%. I need to buy some totes to use instead of plastic bags, too.

eva said...

I did the test too and I`m going to post it in my blog - just as you did!
We have cloth bags, but here in Germany its a big hit(or trend or tradition) to do shopping with basket! Yes, everyone has one, some are lined with nice fabric inside, some are round, some rectangular etc. Especially Saturdays, when it`s last weekday for shopping and common market day, you can see masses with baskets aheading to market!
And, yes, we have one too - rectangular, no lining inside - very durable and spacious!!

Karen Beth said...

What a great thing to do! I've seen cloth bags like this on Etsy so I'm sure you will be able to find some there. I love the change challenges that you set for yourself. You rock! :)