Monday, April 16, 2007

10 Facts About Me

I was tagged by JewelStreet to list 10 Little Known Facts about Me. I was going to give this a lot of thought before I posted it, but I am afraid I am going to forget about it, so I am just going to do this off the cuff.

1. I was never invited to a homecoming dance in High School. Not once. This caused a fair amount of pain at the time, but I like to think I am over it now. I once had someone I was working with say "You were the Homecoming Queen in High School, weren't you." Nope. Not even close.

2. I am afraid of the rapters in Jurassic Park. After Geoff and I went to see that movie, I actually asked him to sleep next to the closet, because I was sure they were going to come out of there in the night.

3. My first job was working in a factory, packing apples. I was 13 and so I suppose it was illegal for me to work there, but it was my father's business, and I was trying to raise money for a trip to Europe. I was invited to go with a family friend who was chaperoning her High School History students on a tour of six countries. My parents said I could go if I paid my own way. Anyway, the only thing that got me through the mind-numbing boredom of operating a bagging machine was watching the blond guy who put the boxes together. Can't remember his name, but he was very cute and listened to/sang/danced along with Huey Lewis on a walkman while he worked. Ahhh, 1983.

4. One of my favorite jobs was waitressing in college. I loved the physicality of it and the fact that I left with a wad of cash.

5. I was a complete technophobe before discovering Etsy. And while I am no expert, I have really enjoyed teaching myself how to do new things on the computer.

6. I won my High School's Poetry Prize at graduation. (maybe that explains #1)

7. I have never colored or permed my hair. Not even in the 80's. (maybe THAT explains #1)

8. I sometimes wish we were having more children. Usually, I wish this when we watch a movie about big families of grown children who come together in a giant colonial style house for a major holiday and the house is filled with chaos and love. I never wish this when I imagine being pregnant or getting up in the night with another baby.

9. I still feel ashamed about the time in college when I was editing the Features section of the school newspaper and I wrote a headline that was witty but insulting to a professor and to a visiting artist. There was no reason for running the headline other than the fact that I was in love with my little (not even very clever) witticism. Sadly for everyone involved, the editor of the paper disliked the professor, and so she ran it anyway. I never apologized, and I am sure he does not remember the incident anymore, but whenever I remember it, I consider sending him an apology.

10. I let my son watch way too much television.

Now I will tag Ginger and Eva. Have fun you two!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

It's nice to learn all these "tidbits" about each other!

I've been tagged, too--giving it some thought.

jewelstreet said...

I totally know all about #1, and I have to admit I am just as guilty about #10. lol.

I agree with Crafty. It is fun to know these little facts. No matter how trivial they may seem.

sara.wears.skirts said...

okay, this is such a superfun post. i was only 9 when the 80's ended, but even i didn't escape the evil, dreaded 80's perm. i think it was my mom's way of pretending i had as much hair as a typical 9 year old girl, when in fact, i most certainly did not...

MsBelle said...

I'm it!! Thanks Stephanie!

Tricia said...

I can relate about wanting more children...well, actually just fiance and i have been trying for a year with no luck yet :(

Steph said...

tricia - here is my completely non-medical advice. Don't think about it. Just do what you do and the conception will happen. The minute I gave up and thought, "Oh well, I guess we are going to have to do this another way", I got pregnant. Both times.

(This is strangely similar for Etsy. The minute I stop stalking my site and think, "Oh well, I am never going to sell anything again, and I guess I am okay with that." somebody buys something!)

Tricia said...

yes i hear what you're saying...the less i think and worry about getting pregnant the more relaxed and destressed i will be!!
makes perfect sense, thanks!!
i'm afraid it would take a miracle at this point though, i'm 43 now.

Tracey said...

What fun!
I think we must be close in age 'cause your 80's references hit very close to home. Oh, my, the mess that was the hair and clothing of the 80s. I'm beside myself when I see the kids at the local university recycling some of the 80s stuff - but acid wash has yet to rear its ugly head. Eeek!

stilettoheights said...

steph, this list is wonderful, wonderful.

I too never got asked to any of the big dances in high school.

in our school it was called "The Harvest Dance"

I am just catching up on my blog reading (ie procrastinating from doing "real" work)