Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday

Seven years ago today in a delivery room with "NYPD Blue" on the television - who turned that on? why didn't we turn it off? - our lives changed completely.

So tonight we will all have Kraft mac n cheese, corn kernals and honeydew for dinner. We will try to resist the urge to ask how this happened, how seven years have already gone by. We will try not to imagine life seven years from now when she is in High School and has friends who drive cars. We will try not to be embarrassing to her as we beam and marvel at all the ways she is like us and all the wonderful ways she is different.

She grows more interesting and lovely by the day.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Happy Birthday to #1! Time sure does fly doesn't it. My one and only is 14 & in the first year of high school!

MsBelle said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday to her! I'm terrified of when mine hits high school! *shudder*

learp17 said...

Happy birthday! And Kraft Mac & Cheese sounds like a perfect birthday dinner to me!