Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

Based upon Creative Challenge #46 in the Etsy forums, I offer this list in chronological order:

High School:
- doctor (because that's what I thought smart kids became)
- geneticist (because I LOVED 10th grade Biology)
- lawyer (because I thought that's what smart kids who liked to read became)
- writer (because it was my second most favorite thing to do and it was more acceptable to my father than my first favorite thing to do, which was acting)

- writer (because I chose a school that specialized in it)
- historic preservationist ('cause I got tired of the navel gazing in the writing program and switched my major to history)
- museum curator (it combined history and writing)
- actress (I finally caved in to my desire to be on stage, despite how much it might disappoint my Dad)

Early 20's
- owner of a little retail shop full of merchandise handmade from found objects (yes, 15 years before I discovered Etsy!)
- actress (sorry Dad, I'm off to NYC)
- dramaturg ('cause I wasn't willing to starve myself for an acting career)
- urban planner ('cause theater seems sort of frivolous when you are living in NYC in the pre-Guiliani days)
- teacher ('cause it seemed like the root of social change)

So finally in my mid-20's I became a teacher. That career lasted four years until I became a Mommy.

And as a Mommy, while making and selling jewelry, I have dreamed of:

- opening an independant bookstore
- opening a bead shop
- opening a brick and mortar version of Etsy.

What's next? (my husband lives in fear of the answer to that question!)


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow! What a list! I have to confess being an Artist and working in the Medical field were the only things I can remember wanting to do. And, yes, I did walk the conventional path only made the final destination sweeter!

eva said...

I think You have choosed the hardest profession. I have been too restless for my whole life. So I have many professions and currently learning a new one :)
I think there is nothing wrong to move on and learn new things. That`s what life is all about - changes.

jewelstreet said...

I love it. That is some list. I hope you achieve some of the things you want now. I have to admit I also want a little brick and mortar store as well.

Oh, and you should check my blog.

Writer Mom said...

You brave lady!

The longer I'm a mom, the more I wish I'd gone into science. Especially genetics. Too late to go back to school?
*My husband wonders what's next all the time. :)