Friday, April 13, 2007

What About Thing One?

I was looking back over my posts and realized that all the "kids" posts are about Thing Two. "What about Thing One," I imagine my readers wondering (humor me.) Thing One, herself, would be shocked and dramatically offended (much huffing, puffing and tossing of hair before stalking off for a pout) to find she had not made it into the blog yet.

Well, dear readers, Thing One goes to school all day. She learned to read a year ago and we have not seen her since. I know she comes home from school, because she demands a snack before her backpack even hits the floor, but after the snack, she is basically a torso and two legs poking out from behind a book until bedtime.

That's my girl!


Beck said...

My oldest child is much like that, too - at school all day and then snacking and distracted pleasantly all evening.

MsBelle said...

Thing One is expanding her brain!! Hooray Thing One!! said...

Oh! I just had a flashback to my WHOLE childhood!
She's going to be brilliant!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Yay for Thing One! My daughter is much the same way--she's 14 now & all that reading really paid off!