Monday, July 16, 2007

The Adventures of Ducky and Bunny

Ducky and Bunny (so named by Things One and Two in a temporary lapse of creativity) traveled to us all the way from Germany and the gentle, talented hands of Eva. They arrived in pretty paper wrapping, sewn closed with thread and identified with beautiful hand stamped tags. The design and workmanship of their embroidery is breathtaking.

Ducky was created just for Thing One. Thing One is a little too imaginative for her own good and often thinks up some scary things to torment her in the night. Her sweet, brave Ducky has the word "Courage" embroidered on the back, just to help her out a little when the dark is too frightening.

Bunny was created for a little cousin who has not joined us yet, but when Thing Two saw him, his eyes lit up. "Is that MY Bunny?" he asked with hopeful excitement. Well, how do you say no?

The two of them ran off with Ducky and Bunny and immediately began telling stories with them. Ducky's and Bunny's lives have been filled with peril and miraculous rescues since they arrived in our home. But I am sure they do not mind, because they end each day snuggled in the arms of children who loved them from the moment they saw them.

Thank you Eva. You are generous and thoughtful. The beauty of your spirit shines through in your lovely handiwork.


Christina said...

Those are so nice. A nice story, too! I know just what you mean about giving a gift meant for someone else to your child! I had planned to give one of iSew's gadget monkeys to a nephew, but my son loved him and hoped I'd bought it for him. What could I say? :)

msbelle said...

Oh, how precious they are!!! She is so very talented and creates such beautiful things. I'm sure these will end up being heirloom pieces to hand down to Thing 1's and Thing 2's kids. Just lovely!

Felicia said...

They're adorable :)


eva said...

I`m happy for Ducky and Bunny for safe arrival:)And very very happy for attention and love they get from your kids. This is the main reason I create these things!

Thank You Stephanie for so lovely story!

Jenn Maruska said...

Adorable! : )

Pinks and Blues said...

Oh that is great!! They are adorable and so special!!

Love your blog!! Glad I found it through Crazy Hip Blog Mamas!!

Pinks & Blues Girls

Pinks and Blues said...

zellmer said...

I love that you call your kids Thing One and Thing Two.

I also heart Ducky and Bunny.

stilettoheights said...

so sweet, the story and the critters

Karen Beth said...

Isn't Eva talented? I sure think so! :)

Tracey said...

Oh, Steph!

Thank you so much for this post. I have fallen deeply in love with Ducky and Bunny. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e around me is having babies - these will be so perfect as gifts.

I fear, though, that once I get my mitts on the little treasures, I won't be able to give them away!