Saturday, July 14, 2007

One Local Summer - Week Three

Life has finally resumed something of a normal pace, and I was able to make my first local meal this week.

I have learned a lot with this first meal. The most important lesson: ask questions. The Amish boy I mentioned in a previous post sold me some blueberries this week, and I wondered how they were growing blueberries. I was planning to ask for some tips. Well, of course, they are not blueberries his family grew; they are blueberries they bought at market! Silly me!

So, I was a much smarter shopper when I hit the nearby farm stand. I made the poor girl walk me through the whole stand and tell me the origin of everything she was selling.

Our first local meal consisted of red potatoes and green beans from Harvest Lane Farm, three miles from our house. A crustless egg pie (cheating! the recipe calls for ricotta, of which I could find no local substitute. I did however, choose the ricotta from New Jersey, rather than Oregon.) made with eggs from a local farm, and green peppers and green onions from Harvest Lane Farm. For dessert we had peaches that I purchased at Harvest Lane Farm, but were grown elsewhere in Lancaster County.



Leslie said...

Great post Steph! Glad to see you are on board

eva said...

Oh, I`m really hungry right now! I would love to have a piece from your egg-pie (we call it Omelette here).
Have you tried Spanish egg-pie too?

Mikaela said...

Great OLS meal! :)

seedling said...

Looks quite tasty. I've had similar experiences at farmer's markets myself.

Karen Beth said...

Mmmmmmmm... that meal looks divine, especially the beans and potatoes. I made an egg pie last night too. They are delicious, aren't they?

Tricia said...

Oh my! that does look so delicious and country fresh!