Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Garden Mystery

See the stems peeking out of the lily of the valley? Well at one time, they were much taller and I believe they are purple cone flowers (echinachea). What happened to them? Seem too tall to be nibbled by rabbits. I have never seen any sign of deer. There was a nearby plant (I think maybe it is a black-eyed susan) that was also eaten completely, leaving at least 8 to 12 inches of stem as well. Meanwhile the false sunflower and bee balm right next to these two plants were left untouched.



Beck said...

Um, could it be... raccoons?
Do raccoons eat things like that?

Karen Beth said...

I didn't know that purple cone flowers and echinachea were the same thing!? Hmmm... learned something new today. :)

C. Gail Designs said...

Hum...I keep a look out for deer. I can't imagine what else it would be. It's sad when your beautiful flowers get mowed by something. My problem this year is in my strawberry patch....I have a little chipmunk, that loves to eat them all...oh, well he's lucky he's so cute and fun to watch. LOL!